Broomstick | Social Media
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Social Media

Broomstick is the social media partner for companies looking for creative ways to elevate their online presence and build real customer connections.

Social Media Strategy

We put together Creative, Innovative and Customised Social Media strategies to build our portfolio of brands, gain exposure & create leads and customers. We analyze the brand’s ecosystem, and determine the optimal plan and approach alongwith the look and feel, the tone of voice, the content to create and the audience to be targeted.

Influencer Outreach

Engaging Social Media Influencers in an analytical and calculated manner helps us achieve the goals we set out for our clients. We tap into our network of powerful & popular Social Media Influencers to engage with your brand, as well as source those who are the right fit outside of our network. We evaluate Influencers through tools that helps deliver measures on how such campaigns deliver.

Social Media Advertising Management

We plan, buy and manage digital advertising media on social media platforms, Google networks and other digital assets. We create, analyze, test and track the advertising campaign throughout its lifecycle, making adjustments and feeding back in insights and analytics as and when required.

Training & Consulting

Because of our strong international network of partners, we work with clients, local partners and organizations to train their digital marketing teams, as well as consult to improve, tweak and tune. We provide Advanced insights coupled with international best practices which helps them develop and ready to cope with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Social Media Content Creation

With our award winning in-house content creation team, we create and produce content which engages the audience emotionally and creatively. With our in-house technical team, we are also able to develop newer ways of engaging the audience.

Advanced Social Media Analytics, Listening and Sentiments Reporting

Broomstick has strong partnerships with some of the leading Social Media Analytics providers. We work with leading advanced social media analytics platform providers, alongwith other Insight gathering tools that collect & analyze data so that you don’t have to. We engage with clients periodically providing them insights on how their channels are performing, while tweaking the campaigns and adjusting them to extract optimum results.