Need help with your Website, App, or Digital Content?

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence has become crucial for all companies and organizations. Increasingly competitive nature of the market has made it imperative for organizations to make sure that their digital content effectively relays the message that they’re trying to convey to their customers, engages them, and helps them understand the nature of their business.

Primarily a boutique content development agency, Broomstick Creative has helped many small businesses to grow, by developing digital content for them. Our Dubai based client Nooks and Crannies enlisted us to develop their website, mobile application, and video content for them.


The development & creative design teams had put their heads together, to deliver a sleek looking website with easy navigation, while incorporating all the required features. Since Nooks and Crannies is a service industry company providing housekeeping & cleaning services, the website that was developed for Nooks and Crannies did not only give them an online presence; but gave their customers a platform to learn about their services, rates, and also the availability to book services online.

Nooks & Crannies Website by Broomstick


After developing the website the next step was to develop a mobile app for the client to manage their job orders, assign tasks to the staff members, and generate digital receipts. Every staff member has their own account in which they can check the tasks assigned to them in the app, locate each customer’s address using GPS, and get their signature once the job is done. The app also sends a notification to the customer who has made the booking, once the Nooks & Crannies staff member starts and finishes a job. Once again, while development, our team ensured easy usability and reliability of the app.

Nooks & Crannies App

Video Content

Research suggests that video results in more customer engagement than text and pictures. It was important for our client that their customers could easily understand how Nooks & Crannies operate. So, our creative media professionals made a video, showing how Nooks & Crannies is helping hundreds of people in Dubai with their daily chores, making their life easier.

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