Broomstick | Immersive Content
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Immersive Content

The advent of new interactive technology has created new challenges for brands as they engage with customers. Broomstick leads from the front in terms of conceptualizing, producing ad deploying content across newer interactive technologies, with more robust applications.

We have worked with brands to create AR, VR and MR content, imparting a truly immersive experience for brands to communicate their story. We’ve worked on creating content for landmark launches, with content being projected on iconic buildings, and large immersive layouts for events.

Our team has been on ground during events to capture and stream live the experience in order to get a much larger online audience engaged with such activations.

As Broomstick moves forward with its geographic presence, our vision is to harness and transfer knowledge across different markets, ensuring we provide the most modern, innovative and clutter breaking solution to our clients.